Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

Newbazaar Technologies Private Limited (‘ShopSe’ or ‘We’ or ‘the Company’) offers multitude of payment services which includes Payment Aggregators (‘PA’) and associated ancillary financial and technology services.

The Company understands that excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth. The Company is also committed towards delivering excellent customer service and resolve all the complaints in a hassle-free manner.

The Guidelines on Regulation of Payment Aggregators and Payment Gateways (hereinafter referred as PA Guidelines) dated March 17, 2020 issued by the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’) prescribes a PA to put in place a Customer Grievance Redressal Policy (‘the Policy’). In accordance with the said PA Guidelines, ShopSe has framed the Customer Grievance Redressal Policy, outlining the mechanism of handling customer issues and complaints and minimising the reoccurrence of similar issues in future which is duly approved by the Board of Directors (‘Board’). The Board has the ultimate responsibility for adoption and implementation of the said Policy.

ShopSe’s Customer Grievance Redressal Policy has been prepared in accordance of the principle and mission that Customer’s feedback is paramount and aftersales service leads to positive outcomes and leads sustained growth. To ensure that consumers have readily available information on modes of raising complaints, ShopSe has made this Policy accessible to all the customers on its website at

We, at ShopSe, value all our merchants, and assure a transparent, dedicated, sincere effort to minimize inconvenience for our merchants and their consumers. We understand that customer is standing at the last leg of the transaction journey and would not have that kind of visibility to the entire payment process flow. This Policy aims at minimizing instances of complaints and grievances through proper channelized approach, review mechanism and prompt redressal of all merchant grievances.

Key Definitions

“Bank or Financial Institution” refer Banking companies, financial institutions, card network operators, including prepaid/cash card providers with whom the Company has entered into a contract with.

“Customers/Merchant” means legal entity(s) who is a stakeholder in the transaction life cycle which involves the Company.

Note - The term Customer(s) and Merchant(s) has been used interchangeably throughout this Policy document


We understand that merchant grievances could come in various circumstances such as EMI not made available to EMI getting converted to unexplained charges in the bank statement. This could also be due to the genuine technical or communicative errors in the system. We respect each genuine question that arises at any stage of our transaction journey with the merchant.

The principles governing the Policy are:

  • All initiatives and strategies developed by ShopSe are made with the customer as the prime focus.
  • Prompt and efficient after sales service is essential for business growth.
  • Work on DMAIC (Define, Measure, Act, Improve & Control) framework for redressal of any grievance within given SLA.
  • The details of grievance redressal mechanism to be placed in the domain of public knowledge (website).
  • All employees at ShopSe must work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the Merchants and their consumers.
  • The grievances will be dealt with promptly and courteously.
  • ShopSe promises to rectify any issue faced by a customer effectively, and in a timely manner.
  • All customers are to be treated fairly and equally at all times.
  • Customers should be informed about the channels to escalate their complaints, concerns and grievances within ShopSe.
  • ShopSe promises that it will not charge customers for filing a complaint or a fee towards resolution of the issues.

  Team Sensitization on Handling Complaints                                                                               

The relevant teams of ShopSe will undergo regular trainings to ensure that merchants’ queries and grievances are handled in an appropriate manner. The concerned teams will be encouraged to work in a manner which will help the Company in offering quick and appropriate resolution and in turn build the customer trust and confidence.

Teams at shope will be trained on an ongoing basis to make sure that grievances are handled with utmost care and comfort to the end user. Various methods, technology, analytical tools, processes, documentation will be created (and maintained) to strive to obtain first time resolution for any complaint. Issues which will require interventions of other financial service partners’, ShopSe will ensure that there is minimum time taken to resolve such complaints by ensuring that time taken between ShopSe’s interaction with the relevant partner is quick.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The Company values all merchants and endeavours to deliver best-in-class service to the merchants. Merchants have complete authority to share feedback / raise a complaint if they are disappointed with the services rendered by ShopSe. They can highlight their complaint/ feedback/ suggestions at to Merchant Care Team.

The Company has a pre-defined SLA for all types of queries/issues/problems/incidents and a tiered escalation matrix in case there are SLA breaches at any level.

For the purpose of this Policy, (i) a Merchant means user of ShopSe which would include EMI payment services powered by ShopSe and as defined in the ‘Key Definitions’ section; and (ii) a grievance means any gap in the promised and delivered service levels which may be of any nature - technical or communicative.

At ShopSe, ultimate customer experience is what we focus on and constantly analyze and implement the feedback received from the customers. Therefore, this policy has been designed in such a way that analysis and requisite working towards rectification of any concerns will be done at the root level. This will help in improving the overall quality of the service levels continually.

We, at ShopSe believe in – One problem today is One less problem for future. This our motto that every problem has to be solved in two ways – One for the current consumer and one for the larger interest of the company where in feedback/outcome of this problem becomes data point for solving the problem in comprehensive manner.

Registration of Complaints

Merchants will be able to register the complaints via the following modes:

  • Email: Reach out to our Merchant Care Team through
  • Helpline number: Merchant can call at the registered number – 080 6980 9292
  • Whatsapp channel: Reach out to our Whatsapp channel at 9560946771
  • Letter: Merchant can also raise complaint by writing a letter to the Nodal Officer of the Company on the following address:


Charan K

Newbazaar Technologies Private Limited

208, B Wing, BOOMERANG BUILDING, Yadav Nagar, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400072


  • Complaints or Queries received on the aforementioned link shall be acknowledged by in person agent to whom the complaint would be assigned to.
  • The Merchant care team will acknowledge the grievance in a timely manner, try to resolve the concern on the call/ e-mail, or initiate an action to have the grievance redressed internally with ShopSe’s partners
  • The customer will also be kept informed of the action taken, the progress while redressing grievances, and/or, the reasons for delay if any, in redressing.
  • The follow up action taken in respect of such complaints shall be advised to the customer by an e- mail and a phone call.


Majority of the complaints received will be resolved within T+2 working days and the Company will endeavour to achieve the objective. In case of exceptional scenarios where debugging will take time or any of the partners’ will not respond within the defined time, the customer will be intimated on call/e-mail by group of agents working on the particular query and the customer will be kept updated on the progress / status of the complaint on a periodic basis till such time the complaint is not resolved.

However, it is to be noted that the time taken to resolve a complaint may exceed, if any assistance of external parties like Banks or other financial institute is required. All the complaints will be recorded in a centralised system to keep a record of the same. The necessary communication with the customers will also get recorded in the system.

Merchant Grievance Redress Escalation Matrix

In case the Merchant will not receive a response within the specified time at Level 1, then the system will automatically escalate the complaint to Level 2 and so on.

Please find below escalation matrix:

Level 1 :                : TAT - 48 working hours

Level 2 :       : TAT - 4 working days 

Level 3 :  : TAT - 7 working days 

Disclaimer: The TAT may be higher if there is a dependency on external partners like banks or financial institution.

The customer may escalate the grievance to the Nodal Officer if the customer is not satisfied with the solution/ redressal provided by the Company for his/ her grievances; or if it has not been resolved by the Company within reasonable time.

The contact details of the Nodal Officer are as follows:

Name: Charan K

Address: Newbazaar Technologies Private Limited, 208, B Wing, BOOMERANG BUILDING, Yadav Nagar, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400072

Contact: +91 080 6980 9292


Furthermore, in case the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Nodal Officer, he/she may approach the Ombudsman for Digital Transactions and complain against the inadequacy or incompetency in the service rendered by ShopSe. The contact details and procedure for approaching the Digital Ombudsman can be referred to here:

Review of Policy

The Company will periodically review (at least annually) and assess the Policy in light of any material changes in regulatory framework or for business or operational reasons and recommend changes, if any, to the Board. Any such updates/ changes to this Policy will be approved by the Board and communicated to the relevant customers/ staff/ stakeholders

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